Best Mediastinoscopy in Delhi

Best Mediastinoscopy in Delhi

Mediastinoscopy is a surgical procedure to examine the upper chest inside and in front of the lungs (mediastinum). A small cut (incision) is made in the neck just above the breastbone / on the left side of the chest next to the breastbone during mediastinoscopy. Then a thin scope (mediastinoscope) is inserted through the opening. A tissue sample (biopsy) can be collected through the mediastinoscope and then examined under a microscope for lung problems, such as infection, inflammation, or cancer.

In many cases, mediastinoscopy replaces other biopsy methods that use a CT, echocardiography, or bronchoscopy to guide the biopsy needle. Mediastinoscopy may still be needed when we can’t use other methods or don’t provide conclusive results.

Why is it Done ??:

  Mediastinoscopy is done to detect problems of the lungs Mediastinal Tumour and mediastinum, such as sarcoidosis.

Diagnose lung cancer or lymphoma (including Hodgkin’s disease). Mediastinoscopy is often done to check lymph nodes in the mediastinum before considering lung removal surgery to treat lung cancer. Mediastinoscopy can also help your doctor recommend the best treatment (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy) for lung cancer.

Diagnose certain types of infection, especially those that can affect the lungs (such as tuberculosis)