Best Emphysema Treatment in Delhi

Emphysema is a disease of the lungs most commonly caused by smoking. Generally it is a breakdown in the walls of the air sacs of the lung causing them to become abnormally enlarged. These abnormally enlarged air sacs function poorly for oxygenation. This poor oxygenating capability of emphysema lungs makes it more and more difficult to breathe.

Lung Volume Reduction Surgery for Emphysema: Many people who suffer from emphysema have portions of the lung which are more affected than others. This finding led to the development of a surgical approach to treat emphysema. Lung volume reduction surgery (LVRS) is a procedure which removes approximately 20-35% of the poorly functioning, space-occupying lung tissue from each lung. The remaining lung and surrounding muscles (intercostals and diaphragm) can work more efficiently by reducing the lung size. It makes breathing more comfortable and helps patients achieve a more significant quality of life.

Surgeons at Fortis have been trained in the UK at Glenfield Hospital, UK, a leading international centre for Lung Volume Reduction Surgery in this specialized surgery which VATS or Robotics Surgery can quickly do.